Mosaico3M is a company that designs, produces and installs artistic mosaics using artisan techniques.

Mosaic, a composition of chromatic elements, is an aesthetic medium utilized to produce, or reproduce, a painting or an image, even in small scale. It can also be a luxurious artistic cladding, adding value and uniqueness to any internal or external architectural surface in public buildings, private residences and places of worship. Mosaic is a unique and one-of-a-kind element of luxury, completely customizable based on the requirements of the client.
Any image can be created, copied or interpreted in mosaic and any idea can be proposed, discussed, optimized and created by Mosaico3M.
As well as its core business of artisanal mosaic production, Mosaico3M also has the ability to offer its clients Terrazzo flooring, ‘Seminato alla Veneziana’ as well as restoration of mosaic floors, artistic and industrial mosaics.